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October 19th Newsletter

posted Oct 25, 2011, 12:11 PM by Troop909 McKinney   [ updated Apr 30, 2012, 8:46 PM ]

THIS WEEKEND - McKinney Make a Difference Day – this Saturday, 8AM to 12:30 at the McKinney Food Pantry (307 Smith Street - same place as Tim’s Eagle Project).  Uniform is Scout pants with 909 T-shirt.  As in past years we will be unloading/sorting canned goods.  Adults are welcome and encouraged to participate (bring a camera so we can get some pics on the website).  Point of contact is Patti Spangler


Website Calendar – by popular request we have made a change to how we present the calendar on our website.  We now have a link that shows ONLY Troop 909 events.  We still have the other link (Regional Calendars) that shows our calendar overlaid with the District and Council calendars for those who wish to reference those dates.  Remember if you have your own Google account you can subscribe to our Troop calendar and our events will automatically appear on your personal Google calendar (along with any other calendars you happen to subscribe to).  The Troop’s annual plan will be finalized soon so you’ll start seeing events showing up months in advance.


ScoutMaster Request:  If your son cannot attend an event he should let his Patrol Leader know rather than the parent emailing a uniformed leader.  Thanks for supporting a “Boy-Led Troop”!


Summer Camp 2012 – It is official…Troop 909 will be heading to Camp Alexander in Lake George Colorado next summer!  We have a slot in Session 3 which runs from 17-23 June.  Cost information will be published soon (camp fee and chartered bus).  Several of the boys/adults in our Troop have been there in the past and had a very rewarding experience.  Follow the link below to learn more about the camp and its merit badge offerings: