Our Eagles

The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest honor a Scout can earn.  According to BSA, roughly 5% of boys who join Boy Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. On this page we will document every Troop 909 Scout who attains Scouting's highest honor, by listing their name, date awarded the Eagle Rank, and a brief description of the Eagle Scout Service Project that they planned and led to better our community.  During their Eagle Scout Court of Honor, Troop 909 Eagles are also presented with a 5 year membership in the National Eagle Scout Association to further recognize their accomplishment, and to strengthen the bonds across generations of Eagle Scouts.

Scout Name  Date Earned  Eagle Project  Best Scouting Memory
 2/11/2016Created two life sized wooden horses for Mane Gait to use as training aides for new volunteers 
Patrick Shambo06/08/2015  Build benches for the Blackland Prairie Raptor CenterPhilmont
 Zachary Cottam
 04/09/2015  Reconditioning the Playground at First Christian Church, McKinney  Philmont in 2013
 Mathew Barwig
 Austin Timbrel
 01/08/2015  Amphitheater at the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center in Allen, TX.  
Tanner Hamm
Matthew Bevers
Playground renovation for the Salvation Army of McKinney  
Philmont in 2013 
Kaegan Kumnick
A renovation of my middle school's local garden. I had created it in a club when I was in school there, and for the project, we cleaned out 9 garden beds, removed grass and weeds surrounding the bed and covered it with mulch, installed a park bench, and also installed a commemorative sign. The project benefited the school because before the project, the garden was a bit of an eye sore, but after some TLC and approval from the school, the students were able to go out and eat at the garden.     
The troop's first Arkansas trip. It's was our troops first true test as a "backpacking troop" and we were very successful in it. The scenery was amazing and on the hike in, I earned my name flounder after falling into the river that we had to cross multiple times. The most fun part had to have been swimming and catching crawfish at the waterfall that has become a staple for every trip. Arkansas will always be a huge part of my scouting memories.     
Braun Shedd
 A distributed blanket drive where we helped scouts start their own blanket drive in each of their own churches. The blankets we got from the three week drive (it was a car-load!) were donated to a Dallas area homeless shelter.
On our trip back from Arkansas about three years ago we decided to cook JiffyPop, and didn’t realize that you’re supposed to take the cardboard off before cooking. Needless to say, we ended up with a pop, and then rain of flaming popcorn kernels all over us and the ground around us. (And for those curious, the oil in the popcorn makes it impossible to extinguish!)  
Drew Umberger
Jarrett Walker
Matt Schmalz
Terrain Clearing and Renovation at Stonebridge United Methodist Church
Tim Johnson
Brush Removal, Landscaping, and Sprinkler Repair at the McKinney Food Pantry
Northern Tier in 2010
Conner Atnip
Religious awareness at school
NOAC in 2009 with Jarrett Walker and Drew Umberger
Michael Timbrel
Sister Grove Trail Conservation
Philmont in 2011
 Thomas S. McGowan06/09/2016 Samaritan Inn outdoor lounge area beautification project.  
 Travis J. Harsch07/28/2016McKinney High School Band Uniform Racks  
Noah E. Watkins 08/11/2016 Samaritan Inn Food Pod clean out and organization project.     
 Elmer Yang11/10/2016Magnetic Pallet Board to showcase pictures for foster and adoption care agency. Philmont in 2015 
 Adam J Tomaszewski Jan 12, 2017Playground improvements including sandbox and play wall at First Christian Church of McKinney, TX  
Andrew Ernest  Feb 9, 2017Picnic tables and patio pavers at Valley Creek Elementary.