Philmont, 2011

Scouts and Scouters from Troop 909 enjoyed the trip of a lifetime by visiting Philmont Scout Ranch in July, 2011.  Below is a trek summary from the Trek Leader (Tim Timbrel), and a slideshow of pictures from the trip:

Total distance: 61.6 miles (GPS says 71.3 you can decide which is more accurate)
Total ascent and descent: 16,704 feet, -15,704 feet à that’s over 32,000 feet of up and down hiking.
Minimum elevation: 6644 feet
Max elevation: 12,441 feet
Max slope: 31.9% and -41.4%
Average slope: 7.7% and -7% 

For those of you who were not following any of the Tweets I’ll recap some of the more interesting facts about this trip: 

Average wakeup call was around 5:30 every morning.  We habitually were the one of the last crews to leave a camp more so than not.  It wasn’t that we were slow we just seemed to take our time about things.  The Crew Leader, Tanner, would drive for us to improve on breaking camp faster.  However, breaking camp late never seemed to have an impact on us and the trek.  The main reason this really was not an issue was due to the preparatory training done by the crew.  At a minimum we would pass at least 3 crews a day on trail, several of which who had left camp an hour before us.  Kudos to Matt who routinely set the pace for the crew and helped drive this accomplishment.  We did not miss a single days program and were able to participate in all activities.  Although the boys could and did outpace the adults, the adults were fast enough to keep from impacting the boys being able to participate in programs and successful completion of our trek.  The ability of our crew as compared to the majority is probably what sticks out for me the most about this trip.  It was heart breaking to see so many crews on trail who physically were not up for the challenge.  One can only speculate to how many side events that had to be missed because of the unpreparedness of those crews… a wasted opportunity that for most is a once in a life time event.  Kudos to all of the adults (even those who were not scheduled to attend Philmont) who participated and helped drive our training for Philmont.  It definitely made a difference.  Food was typical trail food; granola, crackers, squeeze cheese, trail mix, cookies, etc.  We typically only had one hot meal a day.  Temperature swings were huge, 40 degree changes were normal.  Hot and dusty in the afternoon and downright cold from 2am-5am (stocking caps and fleece jackets were a must).